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Coronavirus Updates on Operations: Department or campus operations may be modified during this time. Please call or email the department for more information or visit

Student Counseling Center
During this time of remote operations, we will continue to review questions and complaints of possible discrimination. Individuals may email Renaire Frierson or Natalie Johnson as well as  Individuals may also call the numbers noted on the Title IX page—voicemail will be reviewed.  

Sexual Assault and Alcohol Training (EverFi)

Adelphi University is committed to providing a safe learning environment. In order to accomplish this, we’ve partnered with EverFi to provide sexual assault and alcohol training through their online training platform. 

What is EverFi?

EverFi provides online courses that are designed to help you make healthy and safe decisions about alcohol consumption, and attitudes and behaviors surrounding sexual assault.

Who Can Access the Sexual Assault and Alcohol Training Courses?

Training courses are available during select periods throughout the year for all first-year students, graduate students and transfer students. All new students are required to complete the training within a specified time frame. Clicking on the icon within eCampus will take you to the program, where programs can be user added.

Training Course Availability

First-year students are generally assigned training during first-year orientation. An email will be sent to graduate students and transfer students letting you know when the course is available through your eCampus account. For all other students, the courses are always available.

What Type of Courses are Available?

How to Access the Training Courses

Accessing courses is as simple as logging in to eCampus and selecting the appropriate icon within the services section. Make sure to log in through eCampus rather than a direct URL to EverFi.


For further information, please contact:

Alcohol and Other Drugs Program
Substance Abuse Counseling and Prevention Programming
p – 516.877.3769
e –

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